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Guest Speakers - Nick Spencer

Jesus is showing Thomas that He was the Messiah

The Word Rest

David finds himself worshipping because the Lord has delivered him from the hands of his enemy.

Heresy in the Church.

Things that point us to Scripture. Technology doesn't have to be evil, is it drawing us to God?

What is the writer referencing here?

John is building an argument for Christ as both the Messiah and the Son of God

Christmas is upon us, just a couple of weeks out.

Generational Discipleship

The state of the Disciples

Who is this man?

David's Gospel

When you meet trials/temptations.

What is your ambition? What are you striving?

During JeroboamII rule in Israel. 2 Kings 14:27

Apostles: Empowered by God

Resisting by Submitting

The Believer's Cross

Is your god, your God?

This is a Psalm of Dispair


Church Matters

Josiah's Reign

Paul in Thessalonica

Christ is speaking here, do good towards your enemies.

Word Incarnate

The Wisdom of God in Conditional Computer Programing

Christ has been traveling the region of Galilee and Capernium

Confusion of the prople.

A Resurrection Perspective.

Of Titles and Truth

1 Thess 2:10-12

Ephesians ,5:31-32

Joel 2:12-13

John 9:1-7

Acts 13:44-49 A grand anniversary is upon us, An unintended revoluton, Centered on biblical truth.

The Devil is Real

Prayer for our Communities

Value the Valuable

Why is human life sacred? Genesis 9:1-7

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