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Guest Speakers - Dr. Manfred Kober

Sacrifices of the Saints

A Beautiful Benediction: Psalm 134

Abraham and Lot: A Case Study in Spirituality and Carnality Gen.13

A Riddle in the Resurrection Record: Mt.27:51-53

Important Issues Confronting Christians Today

God's Dependability Despite Disappointments: Psalm 89

Jehovah's Triumph Despite Jacob's Troubles: Jer. 30:1-18

The Secret of America's Greatness (part 1)

The Secret of America's Greatness (part 2)

THE LORD'S SUPPER: Rembering Our Redeemer

Christ's Present Ministry in Heaven

The Just Judgment Of The Jews.

Important Inferences From Inspired Incidents

Lessons for Those Leaving the Lord Jeremiah 34:1-22

The Believer's Intermediate Body

Messiah's Marvelous Millennium

The Untold Story of an Uncommon Saint

What Happens to an Individual at Death?

Jeremiah and Hananiah: The Faithful Prophet Confronts the False Prophet

A Most Amazing Prophecy: Micah 5:2

Work Is Wonderful

The Angelic War in Heaven:Revelation 12

A Remarkable Refuge for Israel

Isaiah's Little Apocalypse: Isaiah 24

The New Jerusalem: Revelation 21-22

The Millennial Sacrifices and Temple, Ezekiel 40-46

The Purpose of Millennial Sacrifices

The Judgment Seat: The Believer's Finest Hour

The Uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ

ABRAHAM: A Saint Interacts with Marauding Mesopotamians, Melchizedek and the Most High God: Genesis 14

Putting Man in His Place Psalm 8

The Remarkable Providence in the Publication of the New Testament-An Untold Story of The Reformation

Mt. Hermon- The Messiah and His Kingdom

The Mt. of Beautitudes- A Misunderstood Message

The Mount of Olives-Scene of the Climax of History part 1

The Mount of Olives- Scene of the Climax of History part 2

The Dead Sea: It's Mysterious Past

The Dead Sea: It's Magnficent Future

The Sea of Galilee: Marvelous Miracles around the Lord's Own Lake

The Sea of Galilee: Amazing Archeological Discoveries along It's Shores

Psalm 65- Thanksgiving 1000 B.C.

The Seeking Sages and Scholarly Scribes Matthew 2:1-12

All is Well that Ends Well:The End of the World is Good News for the Believer

Good News for the New Year

A Psalm of Providence and Protection Prompting Praise: Psalm 105

The Saint's Triumph over Trouble Through Trust, Psalm 40

The Savior's Easter Sunset Sermon

A Gem at the Center of the Bible: Psalm 117

The Assurance and Security of the Believer

The Excellency of the Local Church

Psalm 100- A Psalm of PraiseThanksgiving

What Changes Does the Bible Predict for This Planet ?

Psalm 90: The Eternality of God and the Brevity of Life

The Heavenly Host and the Humble Shepherds

Memorial Day

I Peter 4:12-19 part 1

I Peter 4:12-19 part 2

Suffering Saints in Communist Countries and Divine Providence Amid Persecution

Suffering Saints in Communist Countries and Divine Providence Amid Persecution

II Peter 3:15-16

Confusion In The Charismatic Camp

Psalm 19: The Revelation of God in His Work and His Word

Psalm 146 Thanksgiving and Praise doe God's Greatness and Faithfullness

The Seven Miracles of Christmas

Seven Reasons for the Believer's Optimism in the New Year

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