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Guest Speakers

Sacrifices of the Saints

Proposition: God wants you to have a meaningful prayer life.

Jesus is showing Thomas that He was the Messiah

God Cloned a Woman from Adam's Rib

A Beautiful Benediction: Psalm 134

The Reception of the King

The Word Rest

Jesus Christ, Angels, and God's Purpose in Our Lives

Abraham and Lot: A Case Study in Spirituality and Carnality Gen.13

Laying Aside the Pharisaic Garb (part 1)

Jews worshipping Angels instead of God,the Angels roll in our lives, and the Joy we have in our lives because of God.

David finds himself worshipping because the Lord has delivered him from the hands of his enemy.

A Riddle in the Resurrection Record: Mt.27:51-53

Adam was the First Father

Puting a Face of the wanted Poster of Hypocrisy

Heresy in the Church.

Important Issues Confronting Christians Today

Preparing for the Inevitable

Things that point us to Scripture. Technology doesn't have to be evil, is it drawing us to God?

The book of Hebrews is full of Old Testament Quotes.

God's Dependability Despite Disappointments: Psalm 89

Jesus says, beware of covetousness.

What is the writer referencing here?

Christ died on the cross for my sins, my sins died on the cross with Christ.

Jehovah's Triumph Despite Jacob's Troubles: Jer. 30:1-18

John is building an argument for Christ as both the Messiah and the Son of God

Rest in God is peace in God. Peace in God means God is with you and He will guide you.

Don't Worry, Be ... Serving

The Secret of America's Greatness (part 1)

The consequences of unbelief.

Mary, Did You Know ?

Christmas is upon us, just a couple of weeks out.

The Secret of America's Greatness (part 2)

What we need to be thankful for.

Generational Discipleship

Telling time and Forecasting the Weather

THE LORD'S SUPPER: Rembering Our Redeemer

Our High Priest who is Jesus Christ.

The state of the Disciples

Ingredients of Biblical Repentance

Striving for Perfection.

Christ's Present Ministry in Heaven

Who is this man?

Some Thoughts about the Sabbath

David's Gospel

The Just Judgment Of The Jews.

Never Make God Your Ally (Joshua 5:13f)

When you meet trials/temptations.

Important Inferences From Inspired Incidents

No Regrets

What is your ambition? What are you striving?

Lessons for Those Leaving the Lord Jeremiah 34:1-22

What is Stopping You

During JeroboamII rule in Israel. 2 Kings 14:27

Ready to Give an Answer

The Believer's Intermediate Body

Apostles: Empowered by God

Changing Seats

Messiah's Marvelous Millennium

Resisting by Submitting

The Test Behind the Test

The Untold Story of an Uncommon Saint

The Believer's Cross

Remember the "Poor"

What Happens to an Individual at Death?

Is your god, your God?

What Child is this?

Jeremiah and Hananiah: The Faithful Prophet Confronts the False Prophet

This is a Psalm of Dispair

A Dinner Analogy

A Most Amazing Prophecy: Micah 5:2


Are Ye Able?

Work Is Wonderful

Church Matters

A Greek's Guide to Love

The Angelic War in Heaven:Revelation 12

Josiah's Reign

Pointers from the Prodigal

A Remarkable Refuge for Israel

Paul in Thessalonica

What a Waste

Isaiah's Little Apocalypse: Isaiah 24

Christ is speaking here, do good towards your enemies.

"It's a Wonderful Life."- Only Because of..."

The New Jerusalem: Revelation 21-22

Word Incarnate

The Dutiful, Distant Son

The Millennial Sacrifices and Temple, Ezekiel 40-46

The Wisdom of God in Conditional Computer Programing

Money Wise

The Purpose of Millennial Sacrifices

Christ has been traveling the region of Galilee and Capernium

God is on His throne, therefore we need to:

The Judgment Seat: The Believer's Finest Hour

Confusion of the prople.

The Uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ

A Resurrection Perspective.

ABRAHAM: A Saint Interacts with Marauding Mesopotamians, Melchizedek and the Most High God: Genesis 14

Of Titles and Truth

Putting Man in His Place Psalm 8

1 Thess 2:10-12

The Remarkable Providence in the Publication of the New Testament-An Untold Story of The Reformation

Ephesians ,5:31-32

Mt. Hermon- The Messiah and His Kingdom

Joel 2:12-13

The Mt. of Beautitudes- A Misunderstood Message

John 9:1-7

The Mount of Olives-Scene of the Climax of History part 1

Acts 13:44-49 A grand anniversary is upon us, An unintended revoluton, Centered on biblical truth.

The Mount of Olives- Scene of the Climax of History part 2

The Devil is Real

The Dead Sea: It's Mysterious Past

Prayer for our Communities

The Dead Sea: It's Magnficent Future

The Sea of Galilee: Marvelous Miracles around the Lord's Own Lake

Value the Valuable

The Sea of Galilee: Amazing Archeological Discoveries along It's Shores

Why is human life sacred? Genesis 9:1-7

Psalm 65- Thanksgiving 1000 B.C.

The Seeking Sages and Scholarly Scribes Matthew 2:1-12

All is Well that Ends Well:The End of the World is Good News for the Believer

Good News for the New Year

A Psalm of Providence and Protection Prompting Praise: Psalm 105

The Saint's Triumph over Trouble Through Trust, Psalm 40

The Savior's Easter Sunset Sermon

A Gem at the Center of the Bible: Psalm 117

The Assurance and Security of the Believer

The Excellency of the Local Church

Psalm 100- A Psalm of PraiseThanksgiving

What Changes Does the Bible Predict for This Planet ?

Psalm 90: The Eternality of God and the Brevity of Life

When Man Acts as Lawgiver and Judge

The Heavenly Host and the Humble Shepherds

Lessons from Beyond the Grave

Memorial Day

What Could Be Worse?

I Peter 4:12-19 part 1

Forgiveness-the Foundation of Enduring Relationships

I Peter 4:12-19 part 2

Focusing on Faith

Suffering Saints in Communist Countries and Divine Providence Amid Persecution

The Inner Beauty of a Servant-Beware of Becoming Unbecoming

Suffering Saints in Communist Countries and Divine Providence Amid Persecution

Characteristics of the Kingdom

Looking at Life through Pride-tainted Glasses

II Peter 3:15-16

And a Child Shall Lead Them

Confusion In The Charismatic Camp

One to Learn From

Psalm 19: The Revelation of God in His Work and His Word

And Still He Went

Psalm 146 Thanksgiving and Praise doe God's Greatness and Faithfullness

Letting the Blind Lead You

The Seven Miracles of Christmas

Zac's Testimony

Seven Reasons for the Believer's Optimism in the New Year

Not Your "Annual Job Review"

Things That Make For Peace

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Whose Image... Is This?

Implications and Lessons from Luke 20:27-38

A New Year's Reflection

Are You Feeling The Love?

The Second Great Command

An Unexpected Role Model

What Do You See?

Satan's and Saints...Learning from Both

God's Mirror Reveals the Bad and the Good

Lesson from a Pagan Culture

Conquering Prosperity

Jesus...Our Loving Lord...to the End!

From Sorrow to Joy

A Crown whithout the Cross

A Bad to Make a Mistake

"Just the Son of Joseph"

All Authority Has Been Given Me...

Sailing through Stormy Weather

The God of Hopeless Cases

Lessons from the Loaves

Following Christ on the Road of Discipleship

When God's Plans Differ from Yours- A Glimpse of Glory

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